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UVC (Shortwave Ultraviolet) technology, the ecological and 99.90% effective solution to get rid of viruses!

Are you looking for ways to sterilize the ambient air in your establishment, receive with confidence and give your customers complete confidence? You have found the solution: the DeltriAir.

  • Effective in the air
  • Ecological: does not require the use of chemicals
  • Damages DNA 99.99%
  • Effective against viruses, bacteria and mold
  • Usage: hotel, restaurant, school, store, meeting room, office, etc.

The advantages of DeltriAir

Shortwave Ultraviolet

This technology damages the DNA of bacteria and viruses. It is the most efficient and ecological disinfection technology known to date for sterilizing spaces.

DNA destroyed 99.99%

The DNA of bacteria, viruses and molds is altered to the point of making them harmless.

Action area

DeltriAir is effective in the air.

Usage properties

The UVC range sterilization tools have different technical and user properties.

Usage time: 1h

Space volume: 180m3

Presence authorized.

Remote control included.

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