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2x25 surgical disposable masks with virucidal coating

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Surgical masks with an innovative antiviral process.


Viruses, including COVID 19 are 99% neutralized after 10 minutes. The outer surface of the surgical mask is activated on contact with the droplets that carry the viruses. After the contact time, the viruses are deactivated and are no longer infectious.

Safety measures still apply: wear a mask, keep a distance of 1m50, wash hands.

  • Inactivates >99% of viruses on the mask
  • Safe for the skin
  • High efficiency for the filtration of bacterial particles (EFB > 98%)
  • Very comfortable, it allows for easy breathing
  • Built-in nose clip for a good seal, prevents fogging on the glasses
  • Type II surgical mask, compliant with EN14683
  • Complies with CE marking requirements
  • Class I medical device
  • 2x 25 masks

Learn more about virucide technology

The innovative antiviral process to fight the spread of viruses !

The advantages of the mask

Inactivates >99% of viruses on the mask

The plasma technology of DeltriSafe+ inactivates at least 99% viruses in contact with the mask.

98% filter efficiency against bacteria (BFE)

The DeltriSafe Mask offers a high efficiency, it filters 90% of the bacteria present in the air.

Gentle to the skin

The virucidal treatment is safe for healthy and non-irritated skin.

Effective in 10 minutes

Viruses on the mask surface are inactivated within 10 minutes.

Approved by Test Achat

Test Achats labels are a useful and reliable way for consumers to make informed choices about their products and services.

Find out more

High air permeability

Very comfortable, the DeltriSafe Mask can be worn for up to 8 hours while guaranteeing its effectiveness and breathability.

COVID-19 - Approved by Centexbel

Centexbel evaluates the filtration performance of materials against the virus. This label indicates a high filtration performance.

Anti-virus activity tested by LIST

Deltri+ Technology is effective against COVID-19.

Local production

Our four production lines are located at our Fleurus site.

Treated Surgical Mask Product Claims

>99% of viruses that stick to the outside of the mask are inactivated within 10 minutes. | No other biocidal function or health claims have yet been validated. | Claims of compliance with EN 14683 type I or II are not affected by the virucidal action. | Non-toxic. | Non-irritating to healthy skin. | Non-irritating even with accidental contact with the mouth. | Non-sensitizing. | Can be worn daily. | Not a known allergen. | Compliance claims should not imply additional benefits or a link to benefits due to virucidal function. | The virucidal action is effective only on the blue side, which must be put outside. | To be used within a maximum of one month after opening the plastic bag. | Do not change sides after putting it on. | For single use only, do not wash. | The virucidal treatment is not resistant to washing. | The virucidal function may reduce the risk of cross-contamination but does not directly protect the user against pathogens.

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