Mia Air Lamp
Mia Air Lamp
Mia Air Lamp
Mia Air Lamp

Mia Air Lamp

Air purifier lamp

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  • Cream
  • Anthracite

Acts both as an air cleaner and a floor lamp.

Homes and workplaces, where we spend 90% of our lives, are at least 10 times more polluted than outdoors. Designed to clean the airborne pollutants, Mia Air Lamp provides the indoor air quality required for a healthier life.

Mia Air Lamp is used to provide air that has been purified of dust, particles and disturbing smells and for lighting. It can be used in all environments in which healthy air is required such as hospitals, workplaces, homes, schools etc. Mia Air Lamp reduces the amount of dust and particles in its operating environment with the air filtration principle. The fan takes air in through the front filter and diverts it into the carbon filter and from there to the HEPA filter. The filtered air passing through the diffuser provides and ensures clean and purified, and thus healthy air conditions. It provides not only clean air but also lighting for the living spaces.

  • Designed with environmental sensitivity in mind
  • Improves the air quality
  • Dimensions : 58x58x158 cm - 16/18 kg
  • Energy consumption : 25 - 105W
  • Sound level : <60 dB (A)
  • Air volume : 60 - 450 m3/h
  • Air intake : 360° on the unit
  • Pre-Filter G4 - Activated carbon filter 500g - HEPA H14
  • Lighting color : Warm white (3000K)
  • Lighting intensity : 2500 lumen (23W LED source)
  • Control with mobile app or remote control
  • Available in Anthracite or Cream

The advantages of Mia Air Lamp

Easy installation

Practical and easily transportable thanks to its light structure.

Air quality

Mia Air Lamp offers superior indoor air quality that will improve the quality of life.

Environmentally friendly

With a minimum carbon footprint, Mia Air Lamp is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Antimic® coated HEPA filters traps many invisible airborne particles and cleans the polluted air in just a matter of seconds. It provides 99,99% clean air to the room.

The Mia Air Lamp filter set includes 1 H14 HEPA filter combined with activated carbon.



Mia Air Lamp offers high performances with 5 differents modes. You can manage them with the remote controle or Mia Air Mobile App.

Effective against fine particles

Pollen, allergens, odor of smokers, pet dander, microorganisms, air dust, chemical vapors, ...

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