The innovative antiviral process !

The process used consists of a plasma grafting of the virucide onto the masks. Viruses, including COVID 19 are 99% neutralized after 10 minutes. The outer surface of the mask is activated on contact with the droplets that carry the viruses. After the contact time, the viruses are deactivated and are no longer infectious.


Surgical mask that inactivates 99% of viruses.

Surgical masks with virucidal coating on the outer surface.

Virucidal treatment in action

The viruses land on the treated surface.

Virucide destroys the genetic material of viruses.

Virus replication is blocked. 

The viruses are inactivated and cannot survive

Gentle to the skin

The virucidal treatment is safe for healthy and non-irritated skin.

Effective in 10 minutes

Viruses on the mask surface are inactivated within 10 minutes.

Inactivates >99% of viruses on the mask

Deltri+ Technology inactivates at least 99% of viruses in contact with the treated surfaces.

Anti-virus activity tested by LIST

Deltri+ Technology is effective against COVID-19.

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